21 July 2009

Competing for the future - Chapter 1

It has been quite a while after I started to read "Competing for the future" by Gary Hamel and CK Prahalad. I have read through the first chapter twice and planning to read few more times before moving on further. The first chapter just sets the context of whole of the book and brings out the importance of reinventing the industry by regenerating core strategies moving beyond restructuring and reengineering. The first chapter emphasizes the very need of organization transformation in the light of industry transformation against organizational transformation to just catch up with the competitors. The former is blue ocean and the latter is read ocean. The first chapter gives a lot of examples of companies like IBM, Sears, Xerox on why they failed and HP, Wal-mart on why they were successful. I certainly feel that I have invested in a good book to improve by business knowledge. More posts to come on other chapters.

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