29 June 2009

Inspire and Get Inspired

It has been quite a learning after becoming (more aptly made as) a leader and held responsible for someone's work. It is quite easy to get the work done. This was at least what I initially thought. But as the time eroded and when I honestly engaged with my teammates, I started to understand the real meaning of "privilege to lead". While it may be easier to get the work done and for that you don't need to be a leader. Just a manager would do. But the real leader does n't bore people. His agenda is quite simple. Inspire and Get Inspired.

Also, the inspiration has to happen almost without the knowledge. It has to be a daily happening, not seasonal, not occasional. It has to be automatic, natural and spontaneous. When you do that, you will see the whole benchmarks are redefined and the standards keep rising.

Isn't it what you want to do? Won't it be exciting to be in that place? Won't you be willing to create the resonance to multiply the energy? Drawing inspiration and there by inspiring others is a wonderful thing.

I have started to realize "the resonance". :-)

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