01 May 2009

Freedom Moves to Custom Domain

It is over six months that I am blogging sort of consistently. The amount of readership is more than what I expected and hence I thought that it will be a good idea to move to a custom domain. A couple of days back, I registered the domain "grabyourfreedom.net". It took a while for me to make associated changes and the blog is now ready. The blog which is previously accessed through "http://grabyourfreedom.blogspot.com" can be accessed via "http://unstuck.grabyourfreedom.net". The previous posts are still intact and nothing changed drastically and in fact for you the change will be seamless. If you are reading the posts with the help of feeds, now you have get subscribed to new feed. But for folks who subscribed to receive posts via email do not need to do anything (hope that is good news).

Thanks for all your support. Please do write to me in case if you face any technical glitches in accessing the website/blog.


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