18 April 2009

Why should I understand Unix?

Clear: Hey dude, how are you doing?

Confused: I am doing fine, just thinking about some stuff.

Clear: What's that?

Confused: Unix...

Clear: Preety cool, I m learning it. It is interesting piece of marvelous

Confused: But my friend once said, it is difficult to understand

Clear: Any new thing is difficult to understand.. remember you had difficult times in understanding me, weren't you :-)

Confused: Yep :-). So what do you say abt Unix?

Clear: Unix is simple and an example on how to write a software. By reading Unix, you not only understand Unix but also how to write better software.

Confused: Thats interesting. I never thought something like this..

Clear: There many operating systems that follow Unix. You have so many Unix OSes and Linux too.

Confused: I thought Unix and Linux are different

Clear: They are different. But the design concepts are almost same.

Confused: Ok, I think, now, I m getting clear. how to read it.. any idea?

Clear: Yep, start reading Unix about half-page daily, digest it, 

Confused: Half a page, interesting. I used to read entire book over a weekend....

Clear: Novel? It isn't a novel. So you have to digest the concepts to deepen your understanding. do as little as half a page. It ll take years to be overnight success in Unix :-)

Confused: Yep, I understand the need for consistency and daily improvements. Sounds good. let me do it

Clear:  Great...all the best...

Confused (now clear): Thanks buddy for great piece of suggestion. talk to you later. HAND

Clear: you too.

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