04 April 2009

Speaking experience @ VIT, Vellore

This is the first time that I am visiting to Vellore and Vellore Institute of Technology. Today, I happen to be there for a talk on Linux Process, POSIX Threads and Linux Scheduler as a part of a workshop on "Open Source Initiatives and Linux Kernel Internals" organized by School of Computing Sciences VIT. I was very fortunate to share the speaking podium along with eminent and highly accomplished Prof. Dr. C N Krishnan and ILUG-C co-coordinator Mr. Bharathi Subramanian. We started in Chennai around 6 am and reached Vellore at 8.30am. The faculty members and Director gave us a warm welcome.

Around 9am, we headed to the auditorium for the workshop. The first part of the workshop is on NRC-FOSS. Dr Krishnan covered the agenda of NRC-FOSS (Phase 1 and Phase 2) and why FOSS makes sense to India. It was insightful and towards the end, I could find many students charged up to take open source in their mainstream learning.

Next, I spoke on Linux Process Management, POSIX Threads and Linux Scheduler. The students were very much interactive and had a lot of enthusiasm to ask questions. I too felt that some questions really made me think. After my talk, Mr. Bharathi took the session on Linux Device Driver and showed how to write simple kernel module and simple dummy character device driver. Again, this talk helped me to refresh whatever I learnt some 3 yrs back.

During the workshop and throughout the day, we received an excellent hospitality from the faculties and students. Overall, it was another productive Saturday and I can sleep with a lot of satisfaction. You can view some of the pictures that are taken during workshop @ here.

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