11 April 2009

Speaking Experience @ ILUG Chennai Monthly Meet

This is the first time that I am speaking in Indian Linux User Group, Chennai. ILUG is most active LUGs in India. The meeting generally happens in IIT Madras (the place I wanted to study). Again, I want to reiterate the fact that speaking about Open Source in Open Source meeting gives me enough motivation and abundance of energy. I registered the topics with Mr. Bharathi Subramainan and he gave be slot immediately. Today, I also noticed what happens when people with passion sign up to do something. Unlike other meetings, the members were very punctual and I could see considerable number of people waiting in the hall and some people working in computers in another room. Today's incident enlightened me about valuing others time and I will never forget this in my life. Apart from that we also had good knowledge sharing session.

The talks started at 3.15pm and the first talk was hosted by Selvakumar K from NRC-FOSS on KTechLab, an Open Source IDE for Electronics and PIC Micro Controller Circuit Design and Simulation. He talked about analog and digital simulation tools in Linux. I feel that the tool will help any electronics student to do experiment in his/her laptop/computer. The colleges should seriously consider to have this tool in their department and encourage students to use when they are doing practicals or learning theory.

Next, I started my talk on Java Code coverage and explained about need for code coverage and features of Emma. I talked about various ways of using Emma such as with IDE, nightly build, from command line, online instrumentation and off-line instrumentation. Towards the end, I gave a quick demo on using Emma with Eclipse, on-the-fly instrumentation from command and HTML reporting.

Towards the end, Prof Dr C N Krishnan talked about NRC-FOSS and its Phase 2 initiatives. He requested the help from ILUG-Chennai. He also expressed his concerns on giving feedback to NRC-FOSS.

We have also been given some stickers, pens and Fedora CDs sponsored by Ubuntu and the speakers have been given caps (so, I got one) from Ubuntu. This Saturday was fulfilling and exciting as well. Looking forward for more such knowledge sharing session.

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