26 April 2009

Saga of Entrepreneurship

Some fifty years back, the organization wanted their people to obey their orders, they want their employees to think but not to outthink their bosses. They typically did not like if the questions were asked and they liked to get only answers and most importantly the answers that are liked by them. When the world economy is in recession and more Gen Y get into the organizations, these leaders are overwhelmed by the number of questions asked at them and the people seem to be "egoistic". Few years from now, there will a substantial change in the way we work. Even today, the way we work is changing - the concept of "managers" is slowly replaced by the concept of "entrepreneurship". The organization no longer like to have managers who can only do "managing stuff". They like to have people who can take risk, who go an extra mile simply to explore and interested in the learning.

When you are a manager, you will think within a boundary but when you are entrepreneur you think without a boundary and your boundary is the horizon. The organizations have become risk appetite in terms of investment and returns. Now, they are trying to change their employees' thought process and attitude. The word "work" is often replaced by the word "business". I believe, the word "entrepreneur" nowadays not only applies to people who start their own venture but also to people who work for organization and take risks. The word is not used in its real meaning but as quality or way of doing something.

So, moving forward, we will be seeing more of entrepreneurial spirits in the organization and I believe that will innovation in management or next level in management evolution.

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