06 April 2009

Lip Service, Laziness and Five Years in Hell

My father was a teacher in state government and he has retired now. When he was in service, he used to go to election booths as presiding officer. When we were kids, he used to tell us about his election experience. There would be so many people inquire him about his election experience on how people stone the election booths. Generally he used to go to other constituency and during all his election duties he never stopped exercising his duty - casting his vote (through post) .My grandmother is now 80s and she never missed one. Check with your family, you will have many great grandparents who are still casting their votes and show us that casting votes is such an important one. But these days, the people are merely enjoying a holiday either watching movies or mini-serial or mega-serial. You have whole bunch of entertainment channels. Also, this time, we also have IPL. Whether it is Congress or BJP or XYZ, why should I bother? Whatever is going to happen is going to happen? I can always yell at politicians or my servant just in case the economy fails.

Sometime back, the senior advocate and journalist Mr Cho. Ramaswamy, in his speech said that people of this generation do not exercise their electoral rights properly. It was proven right during that time that a by-election in TN registered a record polling of 90%. God and politicians only knows how they made the record. Sometimes, even God does not know. When we are not going to exercise our votes, there are two things that can possibly happen. Either someone cast your vote or wrong candidate has been selected to represent you because you did not vote. When you sum up, both the cases is sufficient enough to take our country backwards. If you are going to assume that no one will cast your vote other than you, you are dead wrong. This is secret for record polling. With this economic recession, the prosperity will be evaporated if a wrong party or party with protectionism comes to power. So, use your voting rights to pick the right candidate and right party.

Let us make this place a better one for the future generations. Let the future generations know that their great grandparents are visionaries and thought leaders. If you choose the other way, the next five will be "hell".

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