22 April 2009

Intellectual Curiosity - Questions Matter !

Intellectual curiosity is the one of the factors that tells whether we are moving in right track. If you look at great people, they always asked good questions and the guys who answer the questions were average guys. It takes a great deal to ask sensible questions than answering some ordinary questions :-). For example, many scientists were ousted from schools because their teachers thought that they were asking non sense questions. But those teachers failed to understand that the very same curiosity later drove them to learn more things and to see things differently. I feel that answering a question is pretty easier when compared with asking relevant, meaningful, thought provoking questions. Though a child is immature, everyone wants to be like a child and everyone prescribe others to be like a child. Curiosity makes the different, isn't it?

Sometime back, I hovered over Internet and landed on the website of Jim Collins and read his biography. After a while, I was reading "The Greatness Guide" by Robin Sharma in which he emphasized the importance of being "under construction". When I reflected the words of these great people, I felt that there was a great advantage in being a life long student constantly looking out of opportunities to learn the knowledge and unlearn the ignorance. This is an wonderful state of being and signifies the growth of any person. Awareness follows thinking, awareness gives us intelligence and intelligence helps us to find answers for those complex questions. Only when you ask questions, you understanding expands and that shows that you are moving in right track.

So ask questions, don't bother if you don't answers, but eventually you will find it. Any thoughts?

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