26 April 2009

Human Brain - Reversed

I worked in Network security and the interest towards security led me to read about application security and reverse engineering. Reading reverse engineering is exciting and reversing a software is a great experience. Reversing a software is no means a small thing but even multiple times harder is to reverse a complex system - the brain simply because "software" is created by man but "brain" is not created by man (though human is responsible for creating a race, no one yet has created a fully functional brain and it is nearly impossible). The brain, weighing roughly three pounds has a lot of mystery. The scientists are trying to figure out the potential of brain and most important try to reverse the brain.

At one side, the biologists are trying to study brain as neural circuitry and another front scientists are also studying brain to improve relationship, leadership and emotional intelligence. The study of brain will help us to understand how the brain works and most importantly how the brain learns. This will help us to properly educate the kids and grown ups. I believe the study of human brain and understanding it will be more challenging and rewarding as well. John Medina, in his book, Brain Rules, says that the human beings are smarter rather than being stronger and the history of human evolution also proves that we are smarter and hence study of human brain is very important and it can lead us to next level in human evolution.

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