09 April 2009

Creating a WoW

We, as a human being are like goats. By and large, we go with majority. When so many people in a room say that "world revolves around me", we will also agree with it. If they say, they want to create a wow, all of a sudden and without understanding the science and art of innovation, we will jump in and say "yes, we will". Up to this, it is quite good. At least you have the curiosity. But the worst things is many of us tend to stay in the same place without taking any initiative. We just want to build a marvelous building at this moment without any foundations/hard work. Creating a wow or innovation is easy. But it is not so easy and does not come just like that. I am not a innovator and I have distantly worked with some innovators. Here is my point of view.

Many of us are working on creating wow for others. I don't question the willingness and focus to create wow for the others (mainly customers). But I do like to ask you a question. Have anyone did something for you that impressed you. Otherwise, did anyone in your life created a wow for you. How does a wow smells, what do you feel about it, does it speak to you? When someone did it, did you feel that you were in heaven. Without understanding what a wow is and without even experiencing something, how can you create a wow. Even if you create a wow, how can you say that it is "wow". Creating a wow once or twice is easy and may be gotten due to luck. Do you know how to do it consistently? Do you have the magic of converting the air as wonderful music like a flute.

First of all, may it be innovation or quality or productivity, it sucks without daily improvements. The daily improvements are the foundation. Here my point is not the final product (the big idea) but it is what we do to bring that big idea. The knowledge we gather, the type of people we interact, the number of minutes, hours we think and so on. Without focusing these foundations, creating a wow is just a lip service and I am sure that it is never going to happen. Innovation is a chemical reaction, the reaction that takes place in your brain and you really need to work hard and be consistent in fusing your neural circuit.

Creating wow is not an one time event. We need to come up with techniques where we can create wows like an engine. The customer may not like to stop with just one idea. She wants two, three, and infinite. The ideas are going to give an impression , and it is also true, that you care for her (though it is not the only way to impress). So, if you are consistent, you will be in the game. Else the customer is going to say that you are outdated.

Another thing that we are doing is "ritualize" wow creation rather than internalizing it. When you practice as a ritual, you do it but without involvement, passion and halfheartedly. After internalizing and comprehending it, you do it more with involvement and wholeheartedly. This is another key thing that we need to watch out for.

The final thing is give people the resources and freedom. The resources can be in terms of time and environment that is suitable for creating wow. You cannot expect an idea when people are squeeched and used to maximum possible extent. If you ask a stressed guy, he can only give mediocre ideas. Give them time to think and then expect sparkling ideas.

The above discussed things are my viewpoint. I look forward for your response/comments to learn more on this.

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