02 April 2009

Be an agent of Change

Have you ever thought that this generation is going to do a turnaround. This is going to be a history in evolution of mankind. We saw a dreadful effects of hyper leverage, the retirement funds of many senior people eroded, lifetime wealth were gone without traces and the economy has come closed to a depression, if not grinding halt. We thought that "entry today" and "exit tomorrow" is a great game. Having said that, today, many organizations, business leaders and most importantly policymakers, economic experts are trying to make this as turnaround. We are in the verge of witnessing one more revolution which, I believe will take the economy and mankind to next level. I am sure, we will and it is just a matter of time. If each one of us take part in this change, I feel, the recovery will be fast and post recovery will be great. How can you take part in this change? Read on.

The concept is going to be simple but difficult. As Scott Berkun used tell, if something is simple, it doesn't mean that it is easy. Many simple things in the world are difficult. For example, consider a mother giving birth to a baby. The doctors and even some elderly folks many know that the process is simple. But they will also agree that it is difficult. The work of the security guard is simple - to continuously watch the trespassers. But it is difficult to watch consistently. So, many things in this world is simple but yet they are difficult.

Similarly, it is very much easier to say "be an agent of change" and it takes a great deal to be the agent and consistently trace the agenda - wellness to mankind. When I write this, I hear a good news from US of some data better than expected number. Can we try to shorten our turnaround time? Yes, it lot depends on how we work and face the challeges in front of us. This is the time that we should demostrate a state of high productivity and fully focussed on the work. It is the time that we show some mercy to people who lost jobs and try to help them to find their way. You can try to impart your knowledge to next generation and take sometime to make "education poverty (illiteracy)" a history. When economy recovers, the entire mankind should have a reason to cheer and not just few "so called" gifted souls.

Make use of this time to build your home, town, state and country. After a year, the economy will take of itself and show a great recovery. Think about this. What will you do if economy recovers? How do you want to see your people in a recovered economy? Don't we like to see a green ecosystem, dont we like to see computers in village schools or showing computers to these kids at least once. Devote 5% of your time to others. Believe me, it is not spending your time, it is investing. If you invest now, you will eat fruits, and then your generations. If you don't do, then, you will be a history and so is your generations.

This is the time to be a agent and hero or to die.

Happy Recovery :-)

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