07 April 2009

Absorption and Agility - Learn from Animals

The recent days is testimony for many companies for their absorption capability. There are times when the companies should be agile in looking out opportunities and some times it so happens that they need to tuck their tail and sit idle waiting for opportunities. Sitting idle, as the words suggest, will not yield any benefits other than optimizing the operational costs. I remember that I read that in some business journals that the best companies in the world invest in innovation and making new products which supposed to take chuck of money. Being an uncertain time, many of us fear about the future's prospectus. It greatly applies to individuals also.

There are times when one needs to retreat and practice "wait and watch" game. And sometimes and the situation is in favor, we need to be agile to make use of the opportunity. Few months back, Microsoft's intention to buy Yahoo is an excellent example how things should not be done. Microsoft gave enough time to Yahoo and Yahoo thought that Microsoft undervalued Yahoo. The deal did not go through affecting the stakeholders of Yahoo.

If you ever wonder how to learn "Absorption and Agility", watch this video. We have to learn a lot from animals. Because, they do not have greed like human beings and their agenda is just to survive. I am sure, you will love it.

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