30 March 2009

What can you say? Is it a progressive society

It was late in night and all the big shots in Indian business gathered. Right from liquor king to king khan. When you allow these people, they will talk in length about social responsibility. Their social responsibility stop at either putting a web link in their company website, establishing aviation academy in a tribal village, or at maximum doing a lip service in their movies. They were in a big posh place and guy hitting the hammer. All were wearing fashionable dresses. Gents were in full suit and ladies :-( (I dont remember exactly they were wearing, but I believe there should be some dress). Thanks to Modi, CEO of IPL, who commercialized playing cricket. Thanks to media who gave him award for being innovative. Thanks to BCCI for brining an excellent cricket session. I know they are working really hard, squeezing their brain to bring only best cricket to Indian cricket lovers. It was great to watch movie stars, business guys, cricket players, spouses of stars/business guys/players. Each one of them involved in IPL deserve special award. But it is the cricket lover who has been cheated by these guys to make money. Read on.

Unlike 20 years back, these days cricket are played frequently. One dayers, test match and recent T20 cricket. The main strength of T20 is that it steals a lot of time but we do not know that it is stealing time. A normal cricket lover watches a match for 4 hours and these match certainly will be in memory for another 4 hours. Another 4 fours he spends in mere dreaming on how the match is going to be and seeing highlights of watched match. Totally, the "cricket fanatic" is going to waste 1.5 day of productive work. This is a case of one match. But generally these matches never come in single. There is a proverb in Tamil - "Sani ponam, thaniya poogathu". Each match except Semis and final are "sani ponam". And this is going to happen for almost 2 months in year. So for every year, on an average basis, a cricket fanatic is going to waste 3 months (I lost count and hence let us maintain the lower limit as 3 months). Also, you cannot say who is going to be the cricket fanatic.

Once they decided to go mad, they go mad to an extent which you and I cannot imagine. It catches everyone right from Vice President to Software Engineer, Homemaker to Aeroplane pilot. The cricket can make anyone idiot. It doesn't care whether he is Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Actor Vijay, Vijay Mallaiya, Srinivasan, Ramamoorthy, Gunasekaran, Prabhakaran, Karthi, Jopesh, Aslam, he, she, they, it, you and I. I also feel that we can official introduce betting as a part of IPL T20 so that it also helps us to earn (this is joke. dont take it seriously. i certainly feel that it may happen and tomorrow CNN-IBN will give me award for innovation. LOL)

Is it a sign of responsible society? If you are reading this, please think for a while, are you gaining anything because of T20 or does it lead to any benefits to our country. When you sum up, India loses more, IPL T20 is making Indian lazy and unproductive. Playing in casino is a gambling and IPL T20 is an organized gambling with cricket lovers as mere jokers. The "cricket fanatics" has to remember that it is energy sucker and growth ****er.

Ironically, these business leaders when they go and sit in their office they want their employees to be productive. But they forget the fact that they are the main culprits for making Indians unproductive. It is good that this time we are not going to have T20 in Indian soil. Let us say good bye to 2-month long T20, Lalit Modi, BCCI, Owners of the team and players. Let us spend sometime in thinking on how to make ourselves better and India better. If you are one of the policymaker or responsible citizen, please spread the awareness to fellow Indian. It is the people of India who make the future India and not these kinds of energy suckers. As Gerald Weinberg says, there is thin line between doing and over doing. Even a good thing done beyond a point turns out to be the negative. IPL is now overdoing cricket and let us stop it before it becomes overly non-sense.

Let Indian and India to grow.


Rajkumar Pandian said...

I read a similar article sometime back when the world cup soccer was on. I think you are blowing up whats seems to be a normal thing. If it is not going to be cricket, it is either going to be a girl next door, a cinema or something that is going to eat up your time and productivity. Why blame cricket?. Btw, I'm not a cricket fanatic.

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...

I blame cricket because it is exploiting and taking the youth towards the hell. None of the other things exploit like cricket. Period.

There are two things that eat up the time of youth - Cricket and Movies. The movies impose much lesser danger because they do not consume much time. You need to pay for it. So it makes difficult to watch movie everyday.

But the cricket is not like that. Once you have TV (which is free these days) and Cable connection (which comes for throw away price), the cricket get streamed. I m not against the sports. But when the sports is overplayed, like IPL every year with glamor, it affects the society.

Think about this. Is it fine to watch 3 movies a day and watch 59*3 movies in 2 months? Isn't it sick?

I still remember the days when my father introduced me to computer when was tenth and I learned BASIC/DOS during twelfth. But when you have cricket for 2 months, the kids are not going to have time to get additional skills. They wont even have time to be free during vacation.

On a lighter note, when you watch a girl (pretty), it relaxes you. But cricket does not relax you, specifically T20 and the cheer leaders who are imported from other countries. Also, this time T20 is going to happen in SA. Surely, there will be some cultural shock in the form of Cheer Leaders.