29 March 2009

Time Management - I feel its importance

At my office, I have been nominated for a training which I believe is going to transform me if I achieve 50% of what lies before me. I have been given quite a challenging job and sometimes I feel it is quite a big challenge. Apart from the training, I personally identified some areas of improvement and if I strike a balance between both the training and personal aspiration, I am sure that it will take me to a point where I only imagined to be in. That requires a minimum of eight hours per day of work. This excluding the usual nine hours day. For the next few months, I had to stretch a lot and work hard. But it is good that I feel that I can achieve it with hard work and dedication. I can confidently say with my seven years of little experience that it can be done. However there is one trait that I would like to change.

I am poor in time management. When I like something, I tend to forget how much it is taking my time. Sometimes the things we like be there in memory leading to inefficiency and less productive at work. So, the first thing I have to do is to allocate time and manage it. For example, the initial goal of spending not more than 30 minutes surfing (orkut, linkedin, twitter stuff) will be hard to achieve. When it comes to work, the same is the case. That makes things easier to say but hard to do it. My next aspiration is to manage my time and boost my productivity. The goals I said in the first part of post will make sense only when I manage time. If not they will exist as goals and never be converted into accomplishments. Let us see what happens

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