14 March 2009

Speaking Experience in OSI Tech Days 2009

Chennai is slowly picking up in Open Source initiatives and lot of events such as FossConf has started to happen consistently. There are lot of open source enthusiasts, evangelists and contributors in Chennai and other parts of Tamilnadu. In that sense, it is good to see OSI Tech Days in Chennai. My association with Open Source started about 5 years back and I was primarily involved myself in writing articles for Linux for You on Linux, Network Security and Java. In a way, Linux for You is one of the reasons why I feel connected with Open Source during my initial days. I still remember my first conference appearance in LinuxAsia speaking on "SNORT". There is no wonder why I feel special about LinuxAsia a.k.a OSI Tech Days. This year, we got an opportunity to do a workshop on Open Source Java Developers Tools. We, a team of five (Suren, Veeru, Karthik, Ramakrishnan and myself) registered for the workshop. It was a great feeling and it gave satisfaction to speak to the students/professionals. In general, I could sense that the "Open Source" was catching up everyone in Tamilnadu. Here are some of the highlights of our workshop.

We used "full Linux" (big experiment) for all the demos and presentation and I feel that Linux (Ubuntu) is equally good when it comes usability. But in performance, it is far better than Windows. The first session was on "JUnit" by Suren. He covered end-to-end on unit testing, JUnit basics with simple yet mind blowing example. Then I took my presentation on "Code Coverage". I covered basics and why we need coverage. We also asked few participants to try out the tools to make their understanding better and to convey that these tools are much easier to use. The third session was on "Findbugs" byVeeru. As usual, this gentleman was so involved in his presentation and it was great to hear some of the best practices in Java coding. The final presentation is on "Profiling" by Techie Karthik. Again, this guy proved that he is tall in concepts too. Overall, I had wonderful experience in sitting with these experts for the second time and hear their perspectives on these tools and also from the participants.

Towards the end, we met few students and answered their queries on their projects, jobs and current economic downturn. We were able to give them some geniune hope and I think, the suggestions were well received. Overall, OSI Tech Days, like other open source conference appearance gave a sense of satisfaction. We totally enjoyed the day fully with lot of fun at the conference. Here is the some of the moments clicked with the help of Kathik's DigiCam.

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