28 March 2009

Restarting my LFY Journey

As I wrote in another post, the journey in my life as a Linux for You author is most satisfying moment. I started my career as a tester and after a year, I moved to development (made to move). My initial work was primarily on Windows but once in a while, I tend to work in Solaris. As I was working in one of Network Security products, we (Enlightened Tester and myself) tend to get excited. After a while, we had a discussion with people around our cube and those days people stop by they see some technical discussion. We were discussing how to make HIPS and slowly the discussion went on to System calls and process.

Out of curiosity, I started to dig to know what is a process and ended up creating one. Of course, those days (and even today) the only option is to have Linux as it is open and you get lot of material in Internet. I had VMWare workstation and installed Linux. Within few days, I was able to manage my virtual machine well and my after office hours encounters were in Linux with this VMWare workstation. I also started to learn about basics of POSIX Threads.

In the same timeframe, my project leader R.K. Raja wrote a series of articles in Linux for You and this motivated me to write. I thought that writing in the magazine will be difficult. While that is true to some extent, the people working at LFY deal with people in a gentle way with lot of care. I remember my interactions with all of them but the interactions with Samartha Vashishtha needs a special mention. He is a great worker and know the strengths of people. He respects people and understands other's difficulties. He replies to email very fast (sometimes even before you hit the send button) and makes the article very beautiful. With the support of LFY and the readers, by 2007 I completed around 20 articles in 3 years and wrote articles on Linux, Linux Internals, Network Security and Java. Not only my technical knowledge grew, my writing skills and hard working attitude also improved.

But, it is very sad that I lost touch and now find it difficult to catch up. I am looking forward to contribute more articles that add values to the readers. Let us see, how it goes.

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समर्थ वाशिष्ठ / Samartha Vashishtha said...

Thanks, Lakshmi, for acknowledging me. It feels good when people remember your work after a while.