05 March 2009

Real Hero - Inspirational Story

The leadership starts with self. The leadership is belief. You cannot preach something which you do not believe and if you believe something, you have to be what you preach. While this applies to anything under the sun, these days the authentic leadership is a rare. While many people talk about ethics, integrity and professionalism, their ideologies get diluted as and when they see "some" benefits. The benefits might be money, market share or customer satisfaction. But, only very few have a strong belief in their core values and take this planet to next level. Those are people who set vision, strive hard and work relentlessly without getting fatigue and finally achieve it are true leaders. They do it not because they find it challenging but because they have belief in their thoughts and core values. Here is one such story

This morning I happen to see one such incident. It is very unusual for me to see some news TV channels in the morning but today I happen to see a small news item about an young man (around 65 to 70 years young) who has silently taken the farmers of Sourastra to next level. Sourastra is a region in Gujarat, India where the land is very dry. The region receives insufficient rainfall. Everyt ime, the farmers struggle to cultivate their lands due to water scarcity.

But this young man, started an initiative individually and made a champign aroung the region. He issued notices and took classes to the farmers to dig wells. You might be wondering what is the great the deal in digging the wells. He asked the farmers to dig wells to store water. The idea is to store rain water and use it when there is no rain. He made pipelines and directed all the rain water to any of these wells. The water that is stored in the well is used later when there is no rain. This gave a remarkable results to the farmers of Sourastra and their water problem is solved to some extent.

The leadership is a skill, core value, knowledge, belief and above all, it is the ability to bring in the transformation and lighten happiness and prosperity in the lives of your people. That is what Mahatma did, that is what Martin Luther King did, that is what Buddha did, that is what Krishna did. The leadership is not a blame game or power game. It is serving to the people and equipping them to realize their dreams. The leadership is not a position to achieve your dream and your prosperity. The leadership is taking mankind or trying to take mankind to next level of human evolution.

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