02 March 2009

Interesting Lesson that I learned Playing Chess

I felt that I was not thinking properly and many of my thoughts has maximum of a year's horizon. I analyzed a bit and found out that many of my short term goals are bit successful but I noticed that I failed to interconnect short term achievements. This is mostly due to my reactive nature and I quite naturally fall in love with any technical/interesting thing I learn. The more I try to avoid or overtake that the more it overtakes me. I had no other option other than surrendering to my curiosity. With some of my relatives, I have a bad reputation on quite often switching between many things. I have so many things and so many things as highest priorities. I tend to react to developments and since the developments are very frequent, all my time goes away in context switching rather than doing actual things. It was the time, when I thought "Anyways, that is my nature and I cannot help it." But an interesting turnaround happened and here it goes.

Yesterday, being Sunday, I browsed Internet and my Linux (Ubuntu). While browsing through Ubuntu, fortunately I happen to click "GNU Chess". When I saw the chessboard, I remembered the days (probably, I should be studying 5th class or much younger) when I used to play chess with Kittu anna (Kittu anna is more like my brother and less like my neighbor). He used to win almost all the games (9 out of 10 games). But let me tell you one thing, when Kittu anna played chess with me, he never used to think that I was much younger (may be 20 yrs younger). It was the war between his brain and my brain. He never wanted to fail. While I take around few seconds to make next move, he would take few minutes. But all his moves would be clearly thought out. I had an great opportunity in my life (much early) to know and understand how important was thinking. Somehow, I missed to etch in my brain during my childhood. It is good that I learned it now. :-)

Having these thoughts in my mind and with warm heart about my childhood, I started a new game. Believe me, the game was finished in 2 minutes. Within that 2 minutes, both the computer and myself had made close to 50 moves. I forgot the fact that I was playing with computer. Without much practice and skill, I thought I was on par with the computer. While I did not think it exactly, but my moves were like that. I forgot the fact that one needed to play chess by thinking. I was thinking about my next move without thinking how my next move would affect my tenth move.

After playing more than 20 times and losing all the games, I felt that there is a basic problem in me that I should fix. The fix is simple to say, powerful to have and hard to achieve. The fix is "thinking" or "applying common sense". I am happy to discover that I do not practice "common sense". So, the last weekend, I had an important learning in my life. Let me update you how I progress in resolving my weakness.

It is absolute coincidence that tomorrow Jerald Weinberg will be coming to my home. Hold on. I have ordered the book titled "An Introduction to General System Thinking" by Jerry and it is on the way. I am hoping that it will improve my thinking capability and you can expect a lot of post of written about each page of that book.

Why I tagged under "Business and Leadership"? Because, the thinking has great deal to play in Business and Leadership which is the place I aspire to be in.

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