24 March 2009

Imparting Experience to our students community

Being in IT industry, I am also one of the guys who feel that the students who graduate and comes out have known many theoretical concepts and some practical stuff at an abstract level. I feel, like others that they could more towards building skills at the college itself. While they read about software engineering and working at office, mere reading alone will not be sufficient. They need to experience it by doing projects and engaging in activities that would give them "experiential knowledge".

So, this summer, I am planning to conduct series of workshops (Saturdays and Sundays) on some with specific areas. I am also going to take this idea to some of my friends and get their inputs. Meanwhile, if you are student and willing to get this kind of learning, I encourage you to contact me via email. As of now, the idea is at an abstract level. Based on the response, we will do something solidly.

You can contact me via my email (grabyourfreedom@gmail.com)

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