29 March 2009

Hearing YouTube Video in your Mobile

It has become a standard that people come minimum of 5 minutes and maximum of 15 minutes late for a 20 minutes meeting. Sometimes, even the meeting organizer comes late and ask a question "did anyone come for the meeting" forgetting the fact that he/she is the organizer. It is a punishment for being on time. Going late to these meetings is not a solution and it may not be a good idea to change people. I wanted to use the time effectively like thinking, planning and watching/hearing some useful things. Here is a way to manage your time.

These days a lot video like TED, You Tube are made available the users to download. Those videos are in a way revolutionizing the human thinking. I wanted to copy these videos and hear it during my leisure including the time I spend in meeting waiting for others. But if you look at the video format of You Tube and TED, they are primarily flv and mp4 format. These videos are relatively large in size and I cannot have more than 5-6 videos each running for 30-40 minutes. I have a Sony Ericsson and if I convert to 3gp format I can store upto 12 videos.

I came across a nice open source tool MediaCoder which transcode audio/videos. It has numerous features. It also supports both transcoding audio and as well as video. For a selected video, the user can select audio/video CODECs. There is one feature that is quite impressive. If you select the target device (Ipod, mobile, VCD player), the software automatically chooses suitable CODEs and video format. I have converted couple of videos and stored it in my mobile. It is good that I found this software and it helps me to hear inspirational stories everyday when I drive or am puntual to the meetings :-) Thanks MediaCoder

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