25 March 2009

Going beyond Science, Loving everything as ART

Sometime back, one my friends, Rajkumar forwarded me a link on recent economic slowdown. The author, himself an MBA from a world’s most renowned B-School, talked length and breadth about the school and powerful alumni who created the mess. I neither going to defend nor go completely against those statements. It is good that people are now realizing that “greediness” is root cause of many of the problems we see today. As Tony Robbins (refer his TED talk), any education or learning has two forms. First, the basic form of education is learning something as a science. For example, by studying atomic physics one can know and become an expert in nuclear fusion and fission reactions. They came to know the ways of making a nuclear reaction to produce massive power. However, the science does not teach or bother to teach about how to apply the education. It is up to the student to use it for a noble cause or he may choose to use it for the destructive purpose. The system’s thinker, Gerald Weinberg also says the same (forgetting the second order effects) in his book “An Introduction to General System Thinking”.

This is where the second aspect of education comes into picture. It is so difficult and almost impossible for a teacher to teach anything as an Art. Even an art (like drawing or acting or music) cannot be taught as an Art. Do not misunderstand me. The schools that teach art (like music), they do teach music as science but not as art. If you join a violin class, the guru (the master) teaches you how to place your finger and put the bow on the strings. But did he teach how to play the violin as if you are playing it for your soul. My point is that the learning anything as an art cannot be taught. The student has to immerse during education at school and go beyond that. The people at work have to immerse in work. The immersion will not be successful until the person draws inspiration from someone and also does not look up to someone for moral support or next step. When you feel, emote internally, live with the subject gracefully and for sure you will start to see the subject in art form. Then, so many things sparkles out of you like “How can I do more to my subject, how can I contribute and take it to next level for human/world/universe prosperity”. Like OSHO says, whatever you do becomes creative.

These days, taking education or doing work as science is necessity but taking education or doing work as Art is choice.

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