22 March 2009

Couple of Workshops Next Month

The next month (Apr 2009), I have signed up for couple of workshops on open source/Linux. The first workshop is to the students of Vellore Institute of Technology and I will be speaking to them on Linux Process Management, POSIX Threads and Linux Scheduler. It has been a while since I read on these areas. I have started to refresh and testing my memory power. I m quite happy with my memory power. I am able to come out with presentation slides without refering to famous Robert Love and Cesati books. Of course, I will be refering these books after completing my presentation to validate/verify the content. I would say, even preparing the presentation slides for Linux presentation itself is fulfilling. This event will be on 4-Apr-2009. Some well known dignitaries of Indian OSS community are speaking as well.

The next workshop is still conceptual stage and I am discussing with ILUC, Chennai co-ordinator Mr Bharathi Subramanian. I proposed a talk on SNORT and he came up with a brilliant idea on conduting a full day workshop on SNORT. I am going to team up with my friend and colleague S. Badhrinath. Badhri and myself have already started to have set up ready for a basic workshop on SNORT. We just downloaded SNORT source code and some attack tools. We are yet to start the preparation of presentation slides. Still, we have time for this event. This is likely to happen on 25-Apr.

Since there is a holiday season coming up, I am planning to conduct few full day workshops for students in Software Engineering, Linux, Networking, Network Security in Chennai. Let me see how far I m doing this.

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