15 February 2009

Getting back on track

It has been 4 years, I appeared or rather prepared for a certification. Four years back, I prepared SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer) and it helped me a lot to learn intricacies of Core Java. I remember that all the three certificates I earned was because of hard work. That is why, I felt that these certifications a lot of opportunities to learn and at the same time those were thrilling experience. After completion of these certifications, I always felt that I accomplished something and so was my leads/managers. But these days, the views on certifications has changed a lot and I can see people who cram exams, just by rushing through the book and probably read "Test King" or something like that. What is the level of knowledge they will have after the certification?

After four years, I feel that this is right time for me to do PMP. I am planning to have a systematic study and want to have deep insights on basics project management. After learning the basics, I want to venture deep into project management. Hence, I feel, getting a PMP will be helpful. I don't see PMP as certification but rather a long term course on project management - like a university exam. In order to get my focus and help other folks who are preparing PMP, I am planning to log my thoughts, views on project management topics and study methodologies.

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