21 February 2009

Distributive Leadership – Leadership rediscovered

Many of the modern day management concepts, tools and techniques have been discovered more than a decade before. The concepts primarily revolve around increasing the shareholders’ value, increasing the productivity of the employees and more or less everything drill down to revenues, net margin and profits. All the companies have strategies to reach their goals and achieve it quite fairly. Though, the ultimate reason for doing is business is to get material prosperity, however, it may not be worthwhile to think everything in terms of business/materials.

If your organizations or business unit is quite big, due to its size, the number of decisions made on an each given is enormous. If your organization is ultra big, obviously the number of decisions made in a year may not be infinity but may be close to that. The quality or quantity of business you do depends much on your strategy that you set for your people and decisions your people take on day-to-day basis. When your organization takes those decisions in huge numbers and the outcomes certainly shape the future of your company.

Few of the leaders and management teams have understood this and are trying to improve the decision making capabilities of their people. Few more companies are merely copying the good ones, doing something without knowing what they are doing. Is it enough if you give people the mantra of decision making? Is that sufficient to “make your company a truly world class”.

From my perspective, any organization is world class if it satisfies only one condition. If the organization has the ability to connect with its people by putting forth a vision and if the employees connect with the company through its vision, and if the vision connects the employee and its customer, it is truly world class. When the employee connects with the vision, whatever decisions they take automatically boosts the bottom line. When so many employees get excited by a mantra, there will be an absolute resonance and believe me, you will not have any competition and your people will make you truly a “blue ocean” company.

In my definition, the distributive leadership is the ability to bring a resonance in your company’s decision making process and it appears to others that the decisions are taken by its CEO.

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