14 January 2009

Yep Cloud Computing at striking distance

It was Wednesday morning and you are heading for your office to meet an important customer. Your close and long-time-no-meet friend calls you up as you drive your car. You pick up the call, the car senses that you are on a call and it fixes up an upper speed limit until the call is terminated. You start to have a conversion with your friend. Both of you agree to meet the dineer. At dinner, you guys decide to go for a weekend tour with few of your friends. With hundreds of tourist spots, based on your preferences and your friends' preferences, your mobile gives you few destinations with best deals for air travel, hotel accommodation, tourist guides, cabs. You enter the number of people and just touching the mobile screen once to say "ok". Mobile takes care of making all reservations and gets confirmation. Once all the reservations are confirmed, the mobile runs "traveling salesman algorithm" for your entire trip and gives you the itinerary.

Performing all these operation in mobile will be costly and time consuming. So, these complex operations have to be performed in remote places. The mobile just issues the command and will not be interested to know "how the information was processed". In order for the mobile computing be successful, the integration of mobile with cloud is very important. The cloud can be at service provider's network or the mobile can connect to the cloud of another service provider. The mobile-cloud integration is key and will be cornerstone for next mobile revolution. There are lot of developments having in this space. We should be hearing some stunning announcements in near future. Keep a watch on Google.

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