05 January 2009

When Experience sucks...

I often get a question from my friends "How are staying in a company for so long years?". I have been working in the very same company for more than 6.5 years while most of my friends switched or made to switch to some other companies due to lack of opportunities. The friends who know my nature (of being blunt and sometimes hurting, no most of the times) never ask me such a crap. I am not measuring my experience in terms of years/months/days/hours but rather want to measure in terms of the number of times I got excited. To be precise, the quality of my excitement. As long as I continue to get that excitement, I will stay. If my company gives me the excitement permanently, this will be my first and LAST company. For most of the people, the experience is proportional to the number of years the spent in office. But I have a different perspective.

Experience with ignorance is hell. Experience with suck ups (you can find in most places) is devil. Experience without learning or reading books is suicide.What one should do with experience? Experience helps in making faster decisions and creating people who can make decisions. If one think experience is something sitting (half of the time in bench, one-fourth in tea/coffee/meetings/off-sites, one-fourth in Saturdays/Sundays) in a company and yet if you want to call yourself as leader. Go to a corner of this planet, probably to a forest and yell "I am the leader". So, they are planning to create a separate world to have such bozos. The world is transforming along with this economic recession.

When the experience does not bring in maturity and if the experience is failing to see true capabilities of people, it is worth not having it. It is like coconut given to dog. It is going to roll and eventually the coconut gets bigger. Most of the times, the so called experienced people fail to notice a young chap thinking smartly. However, the experienced guy make it a point not to see the young chap. Many a times, the experienced guy physically sees the smart guy. But it is mere insecurity and his failure to think like a smart guy makes him to be blind or act to be blind. There is also another group of people which revolve around the world which talks about improving the productivity by 10%, 2%. If you are going to bring only 10% productivity improvement, believe me, you are not going to do anything practically. I vaguely remember about Carnot engine and my professor told me that everything in this world works based on the principle of Carnot engine. So, the losses are inevitable. Rather, have guts to say that "I want to improve productivity by 2 times or 10 times" and that is disruptive. Stop talking in percentages and switch over to "number of times". With your experience, if you cannot set goals and achieve it, better not to have that experience.

If you cannot set bold goals, you cannot even achieve mediocre results. Experience is all about setting big goals, taking calculated risks, making earlier decisions, energizing your team and achieving it.

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Rajkumar Pandian said...

Beautiful!! Beautiful!!! ..Very true thoughts, Lakshmi. As usual, your views are rocking.