06 January 2009

Mahatma may change my life and thinking

After hearing/reading one of the books of Robin Sharma, there was an urge in me to read the autobiographies of great people. Shortly after that I went to a book shop and got "The story of my experiments with Truth" by Mahatma Gandhi. I believe, the work was originally written by Gandhiji in Gujarati and later translated to English.

The writings of Gandhiji and translation was so good and I felt that Gandhiji was talking to me. Right from his childhood, his marriage, study in England and work in South Africa were excellently portrayed. If fact, the book was so engaging and made me to continue my reading throughout night. That is about how it was written.

But more interesting question is "why it is written" and "what is in it for me?" After reading 100 pages of book, I understood "why Gandhiji had so much passion towards truth?". More than the truth, it is accepting the truth that makes one a human being. In many places, he openly discussed his mistakes. Those are not confessions but true passion or love towards the truth.

I am yet to complete the first half of the book. However, I feel that I need to carry that book with me wherever I go. Interestingly, I never felt such closeness with any other book. This is the book, for the first time, I feel that I should carry with me. I want to take this book as my text book to build my character.

More reflections after reading the book fully :-)

If you have any other autobiographies, please do drop in comments section.

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