11 January 2009

Google Search - What is going to be its future?

Google has certainly revolutionized Internet by providing lot of web applications. Google touches everyone's life with those tools and it is quite reasonable to state that anyone who uses Internet would be using at least single Google web applications. Most of their service or tools based on "SaaS". But the cornerstone of Google in "Google Search". Internet search and crawling existed much before Google, however Google search was efficient and marketed very well. From my point of view, the success of Google can be attributed to "Google Search". Again, if we dig the success of "Google Search", it is due to the power of its search algorithms.

Having said that, prior to Google search, the entire search space was fairly static and handful of people were using the search engines. Until then, the necessity for search engine was not pressing thing meaning that the amount of information was huge however people were not interested to know them. During the time frame or slightly before Google's entrance, the entire Internet was undergoing a disruptive transformation. Some of the existing companies were not in a position to get hold of this disruption and many of the companies did not spot the opportunity.

Google's entrance with its search, has totally transformed the usage of Internet and took Internet space to next level. Shortly after that, Tim O'Reilly coined Web 2.0. Web 2.0 has taken many web application to different plane and again Google was spot on and responded well to Web 2.0. In addition to its response, Google created market and made competition irrelevant with its applications.

However, I have feeling that now Google now become an elephant. Because of its revenue from online ads, it is failing to spot another transformation in Search. The data provided by any search is fine but the volume of data being presented is so huge. So the entire "search" space is going to undergo another change where the algorithms will be working based on user requirements. We are seeing websites such as Stumbleupon which are gathering momemtum and this clearly shows that Internet users another level of Internet search.

Also, I feel that any changes in "Internet Search" will be of primary concern to Google as it can directly affects its revenues. For example, if the search works based on user requirements the probability of the user clicking the ads is more. When the ads are clicked, it is money as more and more advertisers/publishers are going to come to them. It is time for Google to be ahead by constantly working in its flagship product "Google Search". It can either organic or inorganic :-). But I feel that there are more chances of Google going in an inorganic way.

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