19 January 2009

Core Values - Why is it needed?

What I was
"I am an ordinary software engineer and whatever I am going to speak is not going to have a bigger impact on my company and mankind. Also, I don't think the outcome of the events will vary greatly if I am not going to have certain core values. I feel that the outcomes, irrespective of whether I have core values or not, is not going to vary. However, I feel that I am undergoing a lot of churn in strictly following core values when compared a person who is loosely following certain values and certain people who just do the lip service. Given this scenario, is it possible to convince the person of this nature and make him a better and soulful human being." I was this kind of person, trying to have core values half-heartedly, trying to live and yet at the same time slowly dying. I also understand that if I do not have core values or if I live as I wish, I am doing a sin not to the world or nature but to my soul. Though, I may enjoy the deviation from core values in short term, my conscience is going to keep coming at me. Either should I settle for short term or long term happiness? The answer for this question will help me to decide whether to stick with core values or deviate from my core values. As a human being, one's brain always prefers long term benefits. So it is right to have core values thinking about long term benefits. Is this reasoning right?

What I am
I feel that you are going to keep up core values because of some benefits, there is a some business between you and core values. But, the core values, are something to do with souland not with the physical and emotional body. When you have core values, it is similar to that of realizing your soul and talking to your soul and ultimately talking to God. There will be a resonance between you and your soul. You and your soul become synonymous. This is the reason why you are getting long term benefits when you have core values. The resonance creates so much energy in oneself. Also, the energy is coherent and intense like a LASER beam. Only the other kind of people who have this energy is "a Child". The child always talks to his/her soul but he/she never understands verbally/emotionally that it is soul.

The Creator (or the nature) is quite aware of this and that is why HE has hidden soul from physical body. If you have found the existence of your soul, you will end up having core values and will be placed high on par with Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Allah. Like me, if you have identified that there is some connect between core values and other thing (which you cannot explain), I believe, you are right on track. Explore further and enjoy the bliss.

To sum up, some time back, I decided to explore the interconnectedness between soul and core values. What about you?


Jegz.... said...

Believe you are trying to say "Believe and follow what your heart says", right ?

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...

You are right.

We, all the human beings, are engineered to have and practice highest core values. Thats why we talk much about "conscience". Once you follow what your heart says and constantly validate your knowledge and perception, one can become excellent human being.

As a fruitful side effects, you get high energy which you can use to channelize and mobilize the potential that one has.