28 January 2009

Copyleft and Disclaimer for Tutorials

This is an attempt to document my experiences on technology, programming languages and operating system (on software in a much sensible/broader term). I offer this tutorial to those who are seeking the knowledge. I strongly believe in "Freedom" in the spirit of Open Source. While, I have taken efforts to verify the steps, methods and code, I cannot be held responsible for losses of any form. Please be aware that these tutorials come to you without any warranties. Until, I find a suitable Open Source license (more open for being open and less open for keeping it closed), the readers are advised not to modify. If you modify, you have host the modified and full version of the tutorial for free to all your readers. Bare minimum, maintain a copy of the modified tutorial via a website which is accessible publicly. Spread the goodness to the world like Open Source. We deserve Freedom and so is the entire world.

I would like to dedicate this work (and the series of works) to those teachers who constantly spread the knowledge to fellow beings generations to generations.

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