16 January 2009

Be prepared to execute - Don't let money to overburden you

The recent economic crunch has imposed serious implications on the profitability of some companies, the growth of some companies and bombarded the morale of the people. Yet there few good companies out there who do not believe in mass layoffs. Though, laying off people may help you in short term, laying off people in large numbers will have adverse effects on the companies' long term growth strategy. If you are going to layoff people just to cook up your balance sheets thinking that you can aggressively recruit people when economy recovers, you can proven wrong. It is natural law that when you go for a shopping on "Black Friday" all the offers are over. You will end up grabbing very few or none at all. These are just knee jerk reactions that could potentially cost your growth and market position. Rather, be aggressive internally to improve productivity and let your people know that productivity matters a lot. The productivity will manifest if you have focus and the focus will bubble up if you have interest and the interest is culmination of your passion, the burning desire.

Try to make people loyal to you, may it be your teammates or the customers. The character is something which you show up when you are in difficult times. When you connect with your existing customers and understand their concerns and address them, they will become loyal to you and evangelize your delivery capability. Similarly, when you show kindness, openness and warmness to your teammates, they will turn loyal to you. The loyalty does not know anything about economies. People will be there with you when you badly them. Tell your teammates who are low performers on how much they affect the team. Try to mold them, mentor them and coach them. Put the team ahead of your career growth. Make them feel that they are in the safest pair of hands and they are not risking their career being with you. Great leaders do this (and of course I got to learn from those people).

If you are an employee working for some company, try to read the vision of your company at least now. While I accept that "old is gold", some times "old is rust". Get rid of old ways of doing things such as practices in human resources, engineering, quality, project management. Now, the internet has become a huge database. Employ "sensible data mining" to leverage the huge database which does not cost you much (in most of the cases). Today, you can be happy to know about Web 2.0 and probably before we recover from the short nap, the world would be having Web 3.0. The entire world might be doing some sort of distributed computing with mobiles/personal computers. Be prepared for a change and most importantly "be spontaneous in acting for the change". Once you do that, you should be seeing yourself taller and in elite club.

Do not let money in multiple forms balance sheets, stock prices, CTC, bonuses and fringe benefits to take control of you. Allow the paddy to ripe and then do the harvest simply not because it is one of ways harvesting, but because it is right way of harvesting.

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