07 January 2009

Are you a Good Leader?

I have been digging around to understand the true meaning of Leader. I almost read short biographies of leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Alexander The Great. I am currently reading the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi. I am not going to give their life histories as you will find it in Wikipedia. However, I would like to register my thought on leadership. Here it goes

Let us start with an example. You have a new born baby in your home. After few months, the kid tries to flip on its own and fails. For the little kid, flipping is a good amount of risk. After a year, the kid tries to crawl, tries to stand up and walk. When the kid tries to walk, there is risk of falling. You know that there is risk of falling down. Yet, you do not prevent the kid from flipping and filling. When the kid falls down, you cheer the kid. Within few days, the kid walks and runs.

This simple imagination (and yet it is true in everyone's life) brings out one of the essential qualities of a leader. "Do not prevent/decouple the risk, just be there to facilitate a faster turnaround". When this quality breeds, you will see yourself growing and others growing. If you do not allow your people to take risk, they will not have stamina to deal with day-to-day work. So, "Don't prevent risk. Facilitate Speedy Recovery".

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