26 December 2008

Will this be "yet another year"?

Every year is passing by and the churn is the same. Personally, this year was fulfilling both professional and personal front. During the last part of the year, I was discussing an idea with my friend Rajkumar about starting a website to share knowledge. Finally, we, together with yet another friend Badhrinath, started a website OpenGyan targeting college students.

Assume that there is a wonderful person this world. Everyday he credits few thousand bucks (86400 bucks) a day but he takes the balance when he credits 86400 bucks the next day. In other words, he just refills to make to sum to 86400 bucks. What will you do? Won't you make sure that you fully utilize the entire money and make it zero bucks. In fact, all of us, irrespective whether it is holidays, weekends, festival and illness are receiving 86400 bucks but most of us do not utilize it fully. If you have not figured it yet, the answer is "number of seconds in a day". We often waste our time in unnecessary things.

So the first thing, I would like to do is "Not to waste time" and "Having sense of URGENCY". In Hindu mythology there is king who does his funeral everyday. When you have that, everything will fall in its place and the world will unfold new opportunities.

Being a human being, I would like to do many things such as reading/understanding few Unix/Linux books cover to cover, do some serious blogging on technology, make some meaning in my life (and others' life), just shed 30 kilos of my fat, read at least 2 autobiographies, 10 new books and so on. Unlike the other new year, I eagerly look forward for 2009 to see myself transformed.

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