14 December 2008

One more sweet killer whale - HCI

Until the recent past, I have been thinking that user interfaces are just an important part and face of software. I saw certain web applications in the web, the so called killer applications, which were one of the very few applications that stand out. The concept of usability is not new. However, looking at the current technological position such as Web 2.0, penetration of mobile and intensity of mobile penetration into the lives of people and the entire Internet becoming a platform for building killer network applications will certainly make yet another area to be hot. A lot of research groups will be formed (and already lot of people are involved) and many companies were built around the area which is "Interface Interaction".

Over the last 10-15 years, the Internet have become part of everyone's life. Internet has come to a state of non-denial and irresistible. But most of the web applications that are built in a very old way. Even today, one can find applications with sucking user interfaces and in many applications the user interfaces have become junkyard. Twenty years, it was fine to be like a junkyard. Today, the people have access to many killer applications in the web and it is reasonable for them to expect user interfaces on par with those killer apps.

Secondly, many companies that focused on user interface and product development with much emphasis on look/feel and performance are called as "most innovative company". Even in this tough economic slowdown/recession, many companies themselves as innovative. Let us not dig deeper whether they are truly innovative. But everyone wants to call themselves innovation. User interface is an area which is constantly undergoing disruptive technologies changes.

There is very few area that undergoes tremendous changes - Interaction design, Human computer interaction. A lot meaningful research are being conducted, communities are formed and conferences are held. It may take a year or two to see a high traction being witnessing a lot of innovations. But this area has a very big candidate for many disruptive innovations. Keep a watch and if you have 30 minutes a week, spend on HCI/Interaction design and this should make you the next CTO (lol).

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