04 December 2008

Get to action buddy

Many people say that they have potential and they can do anything in this world. While it may be true that they have potential and it may also be true that they can do anything in this world, but all the more important is to learn from one’s mistake and learn from the mistakes of others. Unless one does something relevant to ones potential, it cannot be known for sure what is ones true potential. The potential alone will not be helpful or sufficient to be a super star. It is the ability to mobilize the potential to results is all the more important. When you mobilize the potential to results, you get the experience and wisdom.

For example, when you store water in a dam it has the potential to feed many villages and many acres of land. But in reality, only when the dam is opened the actual feeding to villages and lands start. The potential is important and kinetic is all the more important. This is exactly why people from top notch institutions are hired as CEO even though they have the potential of becoming a CEO. It is necessary that you need to have potential to become CEO but it is not sufficient to become CEO. You need MORE.

The potential is one of the chemical in a reaction. When you make potential to react with your action, you get experience, wisdom, growth and many. I am sure, you have the potential. Get to action. See you at the top.

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