01 November 2008

Understanding the roots of ancient India

India in 20th and 21st century has undergone a lot of modernization. The early part of the last century and later part of 19th century was very crucial period where we lost all the treasures and best practices. We have lost the originality which differentiated our tradition from the rest of the world. The ancient India had great teachers and they imparted education to their disciples. The students were knowledgeable. Due to western influence, the ancient way of education is corrupted and we are so confused. When in India we crave for pizzas and burgers. When we go to foreign countries we want to taste Indian cuisine. We are so confused. This also applies to education, learning arts like music and dance. While in India, we have excellent gurus who can teach us but only when you go abroad, suddenly we get a feeling and want to connect to the roots. There is nothing wrong in it but it is always good know the roots.

I am not against modernization and I am not against change. However when modernization enters in to selfish society, it reaches to hell. On the way to hell, it makes everything as commodity. Once the education was rendered as service and today seeing an interest groups or institution without desire for money is very rare. There is nothing wrong in trying to change this world. Even modernization will bring good things. These days it is very uncommon to see persons rendering social work. Excuse me, if you think visiting old age home is social work, it is not.

According to the current scenario, there should be many number of engineers and many of us sitting in a hide out, imagining our own life and future. We never make conscious decisions to elevate the society and we never try to make knowledge based society. When we create knowledge based society all the current days shortcomings like poverty, terrorism, unemployment and unlawful activities will reduce to zero. So far, we are treating the symptoms rather than the disease. When Edison died, he left this earth making this planet a better place. When Einstein died, he left this planet a better place. There are very few individuals like Edison, Einstein and Gandhi server the mankind. We, like Edison and Gandhi, take freedom in our hands and make this place a better place.

Amidst our personal and professional life, we often forget our social responsibility. May be a Sunday evening to a slum to help first generation students on computers, may be a Friday night chatting with a college students and help him to find his way. These are simple things which won't much of our time. But the wonderful thing is that, these few minutes transforms the life of the person at other end. It is a paradigm shift for him and he is liberated from his complexes. He will stand up with a lot of hope, confidence and dream.

If you have read this far, you might be thinking in similar lines. I am ready to join hands with you and make a knowledge based society. Knowledge is the only thing that grows when you give. Dreaming to build a knowledge based society which is self guiding and self correcting. Once we do that, we will be reclaiming our roots.

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