31 October 2008

Next Technological Wave - Is it going to be distributed computing?

The late eighties and early nineties were the revolution of Internet which paved way for so many people to communicate with each other. Internet greatly reduced the cost of communication and today there are so many ways of getting in touch with closed ones. Needless to say, Internet has build a platform on which many network application can be deployed - may it be related to business, education, social networking. Now the networks have become more intelligent and sophisticated. They are not mere networks but they are platforms to host services and solutions.

The later part of nineties led to developments of network security, voice and video. Now, the entire network space is innovated enough as far as technology is concerned. Now, from here they is going to be a lot of innovation in using network as platform, network as solutions. For example, Telepresence is not only elegance of network but also innovative solution. It has the capability to bring people closer to each other. Another example is using networking as platform, Web 2.0 have evolved. Because of Web 2.0, there are so many business opportunities like online advertising and affiliate programs today. Truly, we see a lot innovation in providing a solution where networks plays a very critical role.

Few years back, Virtualization as a technology existed but for people who are crazy about technology. Virtualization was not offered as solution of business people. A gradual shift happened due to green technology, cost optimization and advancement in virtualization industry. Slowly, by the end of 2014/2015, Virtualization technology might get saturated.

From my point of view, the next wave and possibly a much bigger way will be seen in distributed, grid computing. When network become a platform and if the cost on infrastructure and services are reduced, there will be more systems connected to Internet. If the more and more systems are connected and roughly 50% of the resources will be idle at any given time. If there are one billion computer users, there will 0.5 billion users idling their resources. But the idle time of systems can be monetized by lending to Micro Computing providers who sell CPU cycles to people who are in need of CPU cycles. Mirco computing providers will be the agents who buy CPU cycles from idle computer users and sell it enterprises. Thought is it a wild imagination, it won't take much time to make it a reality. It is right time to think about a business model around "Grid Computing" as there are lot of opportunities lying there.

So, the next generation technology will Mobile Technology, Distributed/Grid Computing but still Network Technologies will be there. No technology gains momentum until one put up a business plan around the technology and market it. The key to any technology is right business model and right marketing.

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