09 November 2008

GridGain - Yet another short blog on Grid Computing

Sometime back, I wrote a blog on Grid computing. I came across the definition of Grid Computing from Wikipedia and my knowledge on Grid computing is very negligible if not zero. The concept by itself is very interesting. One the reasons why Grid Computing did not find its place with enterprises is due lack of flexibility. I was chatting with my friend Veerabahu on Grid computing. We were talking about JPPF (Java Parallel Processing Framework).

Few days after that my friend sent a message about another Java based Grid Computing framework "Gridgain". I was very much impressed with documentation and tutorials. I am yet to try the software and probably it may take few minutes to complete a simple application that has some task running in a remote machine.

My first impression about GridGain is that it is simple to use.

Though the concept around grid computing was sound, it did not get enough respect due lack of flexibility and the authors of GridGain say that "GridGain" makes Grid computing much easier.

May in a week or so, I will be writing yet another blog on "GridGain" and share my experiences with GridGain.

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