27 October 2008

Students Corner - Projects for You

My thought on improving knowledge is to learn and share. By learning one gets theoretical and practical knowledge. This is the first level of knowledge. But this knowledge might not give enough insights and deeper understanding of the subject. Only when we share and discuss with like minded people, my brain stretches itself for a deeper understanding. This is one of the reasons why I share write articles and speak at conferences. In that way, I am purely selfish.

I m so much excited to talk with students, work with them and help them to build their career. In this section, I am planning to roll out few mini-projects. These mini-projects are nothing big. They are pretty much easier to do and these projects will help you to understand a specific area such as Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Network Security, Java, Algorithms and etc. Since the tools/projects are simple, it can easily be done forming a small group with your friends (and of course I shall help you through email). Remember simple things leads to extraordinary things.

If you are interested in taking of any of the projects, please do write to me (My Email).

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