23 October 2008

On a personal voyage - To Davos

Somewhere I read, "Keep trying, only way how one can fail is failing to try". This thought had sowed seeds for my learning. So far in my life, I had so many failures than successes. My successes was not always bring me good fortune and they brought me satisfaction. My failures gave me confidence to try things and it is ok to fail. I had so many big dreams since my childhood - playing cricket with my friends, building a cinema theater, running a cow farm business, doing agriculture, reading all Linux kernel books, one day becoming maintainer of Linux kernel, completing all the five CCIEs and what not. Even though I was able to achieve little, my dreams held me to achieve, made me capable of reaching to a place where I stand. So far, I saw myself as a one of the guys and doing little "Extra".

But, when I close my eyes and reflect, I got a feeling that I got complacent and gave a gentle pat on myself for every minute of my hardship. I m one of the guys as one of my friends pointed out "self-pity" guy. I feel that I need to change and my eyes now started to fall on business - learning it, understanding it and creating successful business. My intuition tells me, if I pursue this thought alone, I will end up as one of the great learners. The nature will provide my opportunities to test my learning and I am sure that it will be rewarding.

This particular attraction towards business came to me couple of years back and I was too late to spot that. May be, I should have left it thinking that it was too early. But now, I have a strong urge to understand business, learn business, acquire business leadership skills, creating strategy for my organization. But I m not too much focussed on the time I should be doing it. Because of the lesson learned from an ancient old story. When an intelligent boy asked his master how long would it take for him to learn the entire Veda, the master said "10" years. The boy then asked, if I put double the effort. Then the master said "20" years. Fixing the eyes on a distant object lead to blindness in carrying out the work needed to reach there. So, the point is, I will continue to dream impractically but think and do practically.

My view of climbing up is the experience while climbing. It is so thrilling, so much rewarding and equally good as at the top. When I have my experience fulfilling, there is a meaning in reaching at the top. Reaching at the top only to see that there are so many things under your view is totally waste. While you climb a Himalayas, you can be serene my looking at the nature, my looking at rivers and exquisite decoration by Mother Nature. It does not make sense to close all the senses while climbing a hill. So, for me enjoying the climb is worthier than climb. Then, the climb will a assured by-product as the climb is born out of happiness and not because of the churn.

Anyways, I have decided to continue to buy books and stack them in my bed room and those books will certainly have a different label which is "Business". So, one day I may meet you in Davos. My personal voyage to Davos has started. Catch you in Davos :-)

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