19 October 2008

My Inspiration

Who is my inspiration?
Who shall I consider world class reference point?
Who leads life being an example to others and yet thinks he has more to contribute to the country/humanity?
Who has relentless passion towards his vision and that vision being a noble cause?

Considering a person as role model and getting inspired is not done in a day. If you do it in a day, then probably you need to happy to say that you are "FAN" and not "DISCIPLE". The concept of taking someone as role model happens not in conscious mind but rather in sub-conscious mind. I tried to ask questions to bring out how one can take someone as inspiration. Though these questions make some logical sense, a role model is beyond these questions and beyond brain. A sequence of incidents or inputs fed to the brain and then travels to sub-conscious mind. From the sub-conscious mind, the role model enters directly to the heart, to the blood and to the cell.

We are having an opportunity to live with an excellent human being, a highly accomplished scientist, a great visionary, a most humble person, a patriotic son of Mother India, a life long teacher and what not.

Having born and brought up in down south village, this person achieved his dream and created a vision for the entire nation and young generation. He is role model to millions and millions of kids and youths - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

You can find his website dedicated to nation building here

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