30 October 2008

Mini Project #2 - Object Visualization

Mini-Project #2
Java Virtual Machine takes care of garbage collection. An implementation of garbage collector needs to have so many algorithms to reclaim the memory of unreferenced object. An important condition for garbage collection is reachability of objects and the objects have to be live. The objects that are reachable from root objects are said to be live and hence not eligible for garbage collection. The objects that are not reachable from root objects are said to be dead and thus can be garbage collected.

The idea is to implement a object visualization tool for JVM which gives a map of live objects, dead objects and various areas of JVM. One more requirement is to have a strong design that helps to build features at later point of time. If you already know Java, you can implement this tool in six months (and with two hours of work everyday) and if you need to learn Java, may be you need 7 months. But be ready for a strong learning curve. This project can be done group of 2-3 people.

If you are interested to do this mini-project, you can get the full details through email.

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