28 October 2008

Launching Mini-Projects with Project Specification

Mini Project #1

The latest and past few versions of Java supports "Hot swap". The host swap is nothing but a term usually refers to changing the components of the system without stopping system. Java Virtual Machine also allows to hot swap the loaded classes and the developers can modify the class and request of reload. This is particularly useful for developers when they are working on code. In order to implement this simple tool, we need to use Java Debug Interface.

Now, this requirement is for writing a simple tool using which one can connect to JVM running in a remote machine and load classes from the local machine. If you want to know more details, please do email. (This is an academic project and person who is new to Java can implement this within 3-4 months timeframe. Also, this gives an excellent exposure to many aspects of JVM which will make your understanding of JVM better).

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