27 October 2008

Is mediocre thinking sufficient in turbulent times?

This article is written by me, to me and for me. You find it useful, I am speechless. Your comments are welcome.

Recently, I happen to come across the website of Jim Collins and read his biography. I was very much impressed by the words "student and teacher". I found this striking similarity with all highly accomplished gurus. They always say "they are student" and their thoughts did not come from surface level. The thought of being a student is deep rooted into their subconscious, blood and cell. Once you want to be a determined and faithful student then nature (includes time) will give you strength to face the challenges and ultimately overcome the challenges like a cheetah. Every tough time has two sides. One side is real tough side and another side is opportunity. We get fear by seeing the single side of the coin and fail to appreciate the opportunity. Often, we tend to forget that the "tough side" is the gatekeeper. But this gatekeeper is honest, friendly, impartial and helpful. But for us, he seems to be a ugly, tough (really tough) and bad guy. He is there to give chances to deserving candidates who are patient, die hard fans of hard work, persistent and great attitude. But because of our very nature of neglecting the doors of opportunity, we tend to get away from the "tough side" as quickly as possible.

In fact I m not the first person to say this and I have read few books and all the great authors are expressing the same. So many of us are afraid of pain. If you ask an athlete he will tell you how good the pain is. The pain due to hard work has to be celebrated. The pain due to experience has to be rejoiced. The pain due to extra mile has to appreciated. Because, you are working, you are living and you are trying to leave a legacy when you depart from here. And leaving a legacy is a great thing and this world will celebrate thanking you.

Didn't Gandhi have tough time? Didn't Nelson Mandela have tough time? Didn't Martin Luther King have tough time? Every human being is engineered for success but success through failures. The man is not only-success machine and he is quite different from real machine, much more capable. The difference between an ordinary guy and great guy is fighting. Not giving an inch, not fearing about the failures, not worrying about the little pain. We are in tough time and may be toughest in our lifetime. I have few questions and probably some answers why I enjoy this tough time. These are only my point of view and as you know, the perspective vary. Having said that, I am ready change the stance if it sounds logical and reasonable. So your comments are valuable and welcome.

Why should I leave a legacy?
There is an interesting study where leadership gurus and management folks are learning insects those born, mature, spawn and die in single day. These insects were able to "do and die" in just one day. These insects are now leaving a legacy and we human beings are learning from them the management concepts. So we when leave, we should leave a legacy at least for our close ones. Leaving legacy is all about living fully and enjoying every bit of your life. By enjoying, I do not mean "Western type" enjoy. I am talking about spiritual joy of complete surrender and learn from the time with lot of faith. Then automatically, because of our innate nature we will get into cycles of living fully.

How can I make myself strong in human qualities, technically related to my work and leadership qualities?
The tough times, is a great master and he is a dictator. He never likes the word "No", and "Impossible". When you completely surrender and follow it faithfully, the great master will teach you human qualities, technical competency and leadership skills without any tuition fees. He will be your guru but a tough guru. He teaches giving you lot of pain. Over a period of time, the pain manifests itself as stamina and mingles with you and becomes your nature. So, it is complete surrender and faith gives us everything needed for the rest of your life (and also pays for your future generation). But he will not send you paycheck of million dollars ;-)

How can find a strategy to come out successfully?
The strategy is simple yet powerful. Complete surrender with faith.

What is in store for us?
This is one of the silly (probably most silly) questions. When you surrender, the expectations vanishes. When you expect, it becomes your goal not passion, it becomes part of your life not way of your life. This is something like seeing God in you rather than going to temple to visit God. Just rethink twice and convince yourself. But, my guru tells me out of his experience that the outcome cannot be quantified. He just used the word "abundance".

How can I increase my mileage?
BTW, you are not a machine like Honda City. But, you have to remember that you are going to work hard and try so many things. If you be obedient student, the nature will be loyal master and Mother Nature will teach you everything. Peace is assured. If you are looking for an improvement in your mileage, then be assured, you will have tremendous mileage.

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