18 October 2008

Freedom to express, act and elevate

I am very happy to be part of the wonderful world at the current time where there is a revolution in information technology. Web 2.0 as a technology has helped countless people to connect with their closed ones and friends. The collaborative applications like blogs, CMS and social networking sites have made this world a global village and anyone from a corner of this world can communicate with the other one in no time. There are so many human beings using these platforms to render the service to others by just expressing their thoughts. For expressing the thoughts, blogs are ultimate tool. It is like a personal diary and if you are open, there will be a growth in your very being. 

I strongly believe that the thoughts make human. The quality of thoughts decides the quality of the action and the action projects itself as habits and then as the character. If one can fine tune the thought process and think in a right way, the life will be more enriching and as OSHO says, each one will understand the death is like a your wardrobe. You move from one life to another life. If you are one of the gives who do not believe in rebirths, the way you think decides where you will be. The thoughts we quite often think becomes an obsession that go to subconscious mind and manifest itself as actions. When your thoughts are negative, you obsessed with it and you start loving to be a criminal and start doing crimes. If you want to be a bird, the same thought goes to your subconscious and eventually you become a bird. Simple logic, yet many people do not appreciate it.

Having read few books and trying to reflect the ideas, I sincerely feel that I can transform myself by following and experience my life. By experiencing, one will be able to appreciate the simple things in life and understand that these simple things are life. There are so many big concepts and they are big because of their simplicity. It is us who make life complicated by egos, thoughts and hatred. In the current scenario, the world needs peace. The world cannot be in peace unless each components have peace. By components, I mean countries, states, city, localities, streets, houses, family members, ourself, organs and thoughts. If you see, the source of violence is our mind and thoughts. By carefully reviewing the thoughts, we can change this place and transform. Planet Earth can be made God's Heaven.

Any transformation starts with fundamental things. The transformation is a sequence of action which is done passionately, gracefully and with full enthusiasm. For transformation, the man is the primary object however if one seeks transformation, the focus should not be on the transformation. The focus or rather thoughts should be on experiencing which sometimes called as awareness. If a flower has to blossom, each parts of the plant has a big role to play. The plant never focuses on blossoming neither the bud. Because, the plant plays it part and the the bud reaches to a point which it was never before. And this is the transformation. Similarly, in order for us to blossom our thoughts has a big role to play. If we do not fix the thoughts and fix everything surrounding the thoughts, it is like treating symtoms, it is like treating the disease. But preventing the disease is a great thing than treating the disease.

How one can fix the thoughts using blogs? First of all, you cannot fix the thoughts. You cannot command your mind to think this and think that. But if we have the awareness, the sixth sense and apply it correctly one can differentiate thoughts and give importance to the ones that deserves attention and deserves nurturing. Once the thoughts are nurturing the actions are corrected, habits will be health leading to a good character. Through blogs, one can express ones thoughts and get it reviewed by like minded folks. The blog or a group of blogs form a commune which forms a self guiding and self correcting platform leading to harmony.

If we use the platforms and collaborate, we will win friends and naturally this forms a basis for two streets, two states, two countries and the entire world to become a single big commune. That is when the peace will be ever lasting one. It may look simple on verbatim and hard to follow. But it is worth giving a try (or may be million tries until it succeeds). Come and join, I will be waiting for you.

Have a Great Day.


Rajkumar Pandian said...

*****I strongly believe that the thoughts make human. The quality of thoughts decides the quality of the action and the action projects itself as habits and then as the character. If one can fine tune the thought process and think in a right way, the life will be more enriching and as OSHO says, each one will understand the death is like a your wardrobe******

I have some thoughts on this.Do you really think thoughts have quality?. Thoughts by themselves are thoughts. Now, WHO Lables the thoughts as GOOD or BAD?. And next thing,I personally feel we dont have any control over thoughts.Never one can control/refine thoughts.Next question.If I'm to refine my thoughts WHAT in ME will refine my thoughts?.The thought of refining my thoughts is going to be a thought in my mind adding turbulence to its stillness.I was told to just OBSERVE the thoughts.If at all I need wish something, I wish to be mindless :) . I like to be the Perfect man that Krishna prescribes in Gita.

Lakshmi Narayanan N said...

I think, we are discussing this for the second time. We discussed this in office cafeteria after you came from the training. Might be due to Western influence :-)

Once again, I misinterpreted something. Acting upon the thoughts make things good or bad. It is the action that comes out of the thought can be labeled as good/bad. Again the statement on action is controversial. Then someone will ask, an action which is good for someone might be bad for someone. As long as it is a thought, it can be watched. It makes sense to leave the thoughts as such. But that needs little bit of exploration before quoting it once again.

Rajkumar Pandian said...

Yes, as you mentioned labeling actions is definitely controversial.I read something yday. You label something,the true nature of it is gone.Then, you introduce polarity of opposites.If you term something as good, then obviously something called as bad exists. There is no good without bad, no light without darkness etc.I remember Swami Chinmayananda's commentary on Bhagavad Gita.Krishna advices Arjuna to be free from Polarity of opposites( Dwandwa - duality).So, there should be a deep conviction in us that everything is Consciousness.When that is realized in both of us, this discussion would become absurd.

Aham Brahmaasmi :)