18 October 2008

Freedom always comes with a cost

I was hoping to write on what it takes to live in Freedom. We need to understand the word "Freedom" analyzing its meaning. Until I read the book "Freedom" by OSHO, my vision on the word was a blurred one. I knew "Freedom" as liberation from something. For example, India got the freedom from British. This is the only meaning of the word I knew until I read the book. But OSHO, in his book, is explaining another perspective. He makes the meaning complete. Few of us may also know "freedom" to speech, "freedom" to write, "freedom to choose our own lives" and so on. Once again, many of do not understand that the meaning of "Freedom" (first and second) is always interconnected. "Freedom" is not complete if we do not exercise the freedom in both forms. I feel "freedom from" is the basic form of freedom and "freedom for" is an elevated form. While the "freedom from" is basic, non-slave, human form. "Freedom for" is visionary and humanity form. When we say we want freedom, we need to understand the hidden and real meaning. Freedom is self centric. It starts as a self centric process but it has to conclude for a bigger cause.

For the past few days, I am following articles in Dinamalar by one and only Dr Kalam. He is one of the very people who understand "Freedom". In India, we have freedom to speak, write and do. This is the basic form. But leveraging the basic form, Dr. Kalam is trying to transform India. He is aware that he has freedom to do so many things. But he uses all those freedom for vision - transforming India. Dr. Kalam is living example for applying freedom and achieving vision. He uses his freedom in both ways "freedom from" and "freedom for". "Freedom from" is freeing oneself from something which is childish. But "freedom for" is something magnificient and responsible. The people who exercise freedom in both forms have become role models to the world.

I would like to explain how freedom is broken by human. Some years back, there was an article by Mr Narayanamurthy, then CEO of Infosys. He was pointing out how the freedom was exploited. We are fred from salvary but we are exploiting the "free from slavary". This freedom is like coconut given to dog. He doesn't know what to do with the coconut but just roll on the floor.

When the "freedom" is given or when you are liberated from something, we have to understand that there is no supervisior and our wellness is in our hands. Now we cannot go and complain the people who ruled us. We got freedom and it is our responsibility to shape up and elevate our lives. We need to take care our needs and fulfil our ambitions. When we understand freedom in both forms, we will take only ten days (or ten hours) to become a transformed country.

The cost of the freedom is to exercise "freedom for" and be responsible.

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